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Meet The DecalGirl Artists

True Spirit Art

Inspiring art for the free-spirit in all of us.

Jeremy Paul

Lions, tigers, and owls, oh my!

Random Galaxy

Making The World Uniquer

Mary Engelbreit

Mary’s signature art is imbued with spirited wit and warmth.

Valentina Ramos

Intricately drawn animals and plants emphasizing lines and circles.


Campy and cartoonish images of stylish young women.

Aleeya Marie Designs

New approach to minimal, abstract and bohemian motifs, bringing fun elements and contrast.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Young sad/pouty cartoon girls with big liquid eyes

Al McWhite

Colorful island inspired art for all the beach lovers and ocean enthusiasts - Aloha!


Beautiful photorealistic paintings of natural and celestial objects

Jonas JoDicke

majestic animals and magical sceneries, mixed with bold colors and spiritual themes

Sara Berrenson

Drawing inspiration from nature, interior design, and fashion

Kate McRostie

Classic designs reminiscent of wallpaper or upholstery with subdued color.

Evan Eckard

Patterns and art and stuff

Car Pintos

Art inspired by a wide variety of nature’s most beautiful creations and vibrant colors.


A fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs.

The Zoo

Simple, Cute Animal Faces!

Jerry LoFaro

Dramatic and brilliantly colored illustrations of dinosaurs and animals

Jennifer Walsh Design

Colorful & interesting abstracts of fluid acrylics & glitchy geometry.

Digital Blasphemy

Rendered, high-resolution images of natural, surreal and celestial subjects

Christiane Marques

Colorful floral designs, intricate patterns, and photography.

Sara Burrier

Illustrator, Designer, and teacher painting romantic princesses, fairies, mermaids, and florals through watercolor and colored pencil.

Color Block

Visually appealing yet simple color combinations to add style to your accessories.


An eclectic collection of colorful patterns, abstracts, and more

Patrick LaMontagne

apparently a person can make a living drawing and coloring pictures all day

Animal Prints

Animal prints made for fashionistas.

John E Shannon

Dark, intense fantasy images reminiscent of the Hildebrandt brothers.

Solid Colors

Simplicity at its best.

Dan Morris

Bright stylized images of animals, patriotic subjects, and more.

Keep Calm

A collection of Keep Calm artwork


Bright collages featuring animals, flowers, and more.


Stylish art for stylish people.

Magpie Moon

Fun and fresh colorful patterns inspired by global prints and textiles.


A line of art like a delightful dessert with many delicious layers of cute and sexy retro glamour

David Dunleavy

Stylized images of marine life some tending towards the abstract.

Allison Gregory

Bright abstract images created with lines and circles

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Intricate, detailed watercolors of zodiac signs

Heidi Dobrott

Bright patterns, nautical/beach themes, and more


Juleez offers a collection of fine art, music and colorful art themes

Debra Valencia

A fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs.

French Bull

Jackie Shapiro is known for her stylized mix of pattern and color.

Tabitha Brown

Hip and happy people discovering nature in all of its color and glory.

Kerem Beyit

Detailed paintings of dragons and fantasy warriors

The Mountain

Humorous paintings of animals engaged in human activities

Cameron Gray

woven together are the dualistic aspects of light and dark, bringing them once again into a state of oneness

Chad Carothers

Edgy style reminiscent of fantasy comics.

Ravynne Phelan

Ravynne's work captures spirituality in a unique and beautiful way

Antonia Neshev

Inspired by wolves, nature & native American themes.

Abrar Ajmal

Intense and graphic Gothic images.


Camouflage patterns and designs


Sci-fi, cars, and a sexy woman named Josei

Colin Johnson

Colorful collage style abstracts covering a variety of ideas.

Carol Van Zandt

Modern Collaborative Design

Carol Cavalaris

Intricate, detailed paintings of wild animals in nature.


Surreal Visionary art by Cristine Cambrea

Lucent Imaging

Macrophotography of flowers and abstracts

Creative by Nature

Intense, vibrant abstracts inspired by earth, air, fire & water.

J.O.A. Studios

Fun, eye-catching pop art designs from an artistic duo.

Marlon Teunissen

Beautiful young fantasy females both innocent and dangerous.

Iveta Abolina

Expressionist inspired still lifes and animals.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Inspiritual art that expresses a sense of vitality and connectedness.

Ninola Design

Colorful watercolor designs for making common things more beautiful.

Jim Benton

Art with a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor!

James Ryman

Surreal creatures in various settings, sexy nymphs and fairies

JThree Concepts

Colorful images of fantasy subjects, collages, and more.

Mat Miller

Illustrative animal art with a twist of the surreal and the abstract to brighten up your devices.


Designs made for the athletic enthused.

Daniella Foletto

Impressionistic images of landscapes, animals, and nature.

Aimee Stewart

A visual raconteuse and spinner of daydreams, whose paint is wonder and canvas is whimsy

Chrissy Clark

Anime/manga style images of children and young femmes fatales

Vincent Hie

Detailed colorful fantasy images on a variety of subjects.

Alchemy Gothic

The 'Alchemy Empire' steampunk collection pays homage to the legendary Ezekiel Empire Rosenstien

Nicole Tamarin

Animals and insects, people and paisleys, dark, subdued colors.


SANCTUS offers an exciting and eclectic mix of artwork.

Thomas Kinkade Studios

Inspirational works that include, cabins, nature scenes, gardens, classic cottages

DecalGirl Collective

Eclectic collection in a variety of styles.


Designs made for consoles, controllers, and more.

David April

Computer generated fractal art often dark and complex

Stephanie Corfee Artworks

"A fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs.”

David Lozeau

Bold, colorful, and wholly original, skeleton musicians, deep-sea creatures, wild west bandidos, and more..

Robert Steven Connett

Bizarre, disturbing fantasy/sci-fi art with fantastic creatures.

Fusion Idol

Modern Spiritual and Floral Artwork Rooted In Ancient Traditions

Shell Rummel

Organic, modern coastal, fluid watercolor art

Nature Revealed

A different way to see the world we didn't know was around us.

Chuck Trunks

Bright, abstract Cali surf/pop art focused on positive, happy, uplifting themes.


A throwback collection to bring the past to the present.

Sharon Turner

A vibrant and decorative portfolio of animal and geometric patterns, available in a fresh and inventive color palette.

Bella Pilar

Confident, modern and feminine, Bella Pilar’s artwork says “Live life fashionably!”


Flags of the World

Vlad Studio

Clever colorful digital designs on a variety of subjects.

Andreas Stridsberg

Photos of nature and women in macabre settings

Kate Knight

Intensely colored floral themes presented in a variety of styles.

Amy Sia

a distinctive use of colour and a mixture of ink, watercolour, photography and computer aided design

Taka Sudo

Busy, surreal paintings of animals and people

Jackie Friesth

Intensely detailed watercolors of flowers and nature.

Vincent van Gogh

Classic paintings from the Dutch Post-Impressionist master.

David Penfound

Mixture of animals and native American subjects.

Colin Thompson

Illustrations that are full of fun, intrigue and parody, and packed with objects and events.

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